The Gameroom

A few years ago Katherine and I realized that we were always painting on something (minis, models, terrain, whatever) and we decided that it was better to devote a room to our hobbies rather than have minis & modeling supplies spread all over the livingroom all the time! Since that moment our gamerooms have been growing and evolving with our hobbies and interests - come see the insanity! :)


Pics of our 40k gaming family are here 


Previous Gamerooms

Having married in March of 2003 Katherine and I have just moved into a home that we plan on staying in for a good long time, but before we were married I lived in a couple of different houses, here are photos from previous gamerooms!

2003 (just married!) first pics of current gameroom

2002 Garage Gameroom (sweet!)

making the super gametable


1999 Gameroom

From left to right, Scott (holding Harrison), Katherine, and Mike. 


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