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December 2003

Tyranid mega battle
from summer 2003

November 2003

Gameroom Update

Terminator Photos Updated

Terminator Captain Rashiel

October 2003

Fighting my way back to the 40K universe!

September 2003

Brother Edward takes a break! :)

August 2003

The Eye of Terror Campaign
BFG, Epic and 40K games were played
I'll post the bat reps here eventually!

July 2003

Thunderhawk Project Update!

June 2003

Brother Edward's Chaos Army
(to hurl against my Blood Angels
for the Eye of Terror Campaign)

May 2003

Added an in depth section on Battle Fleet Gothic,
Epic 40K & Adeptus Titanicus.
True 40K fans should really check out this section.

40K scale Reaver Titan Project

April 2003

The new house has an actual gameroom for us!

March 8, 2003

Katherine and Edward are married!

February 2003

Photography: Fun with Backdrops!

January 2003

Edward's Great Unclean One

Death Company Land Raider Crusader!

December 2002

Old school Blood Angels banners.

my "ultimate gametable" project

November 2002

Glory for a day! :)

I just noticed that The Ex Libris Mortis site and our message forums
were number 1 on Yahoo.com when you 
do a search for Blood Angels Tactics!
At least on November 18th this was true!:)

I was so surprised I printed the page! LOL

October 5th, 2002

Brother Edward & Sister Katherine are engaged!


September 2002

History of the Blood Angels
& Blood Angel Special Characters Biographies

For the first time ever, Ex Libris Mortis has added
a bit of background information on the origins of the Blood Angels!

Primarch of the Blood Angels

It's true, I've begun my first attempt of Sanguinius,
here is a sneak preview!

August 2002

New Terrain Piece!
"Ancient Power Sphere"

Brother Edward's Blood Angels meet the Redemptors in battle!

Death Company Dreadnought
new pics!

Blood Angel Banner Archive
Learn how to make banners,
and see many examples from your fellow Blood Angels!

July 2002

The Thunderhawk Project begins!

June 2002

Brother Edward's transports get extra armor!

May 2002


Friday May 17th Ex Libris Mortis hosted our second Guest Speaker in our 
Blood Angels Tactics Forum
I'm pleased to announce our second Guest Speaker for the Blood Angels Tactical Forum of Ex Libris Mortis! Our Guest Speaker is a long time veteran of the Ultramarines, and has written an in depth article about the interplay between Blood Angels and Ultramarines on the battlefield! He address how the Ultramarines fight against us, and discusses their most vulnerable points! The Guest Lecture will be posted in the Blood Angels Tactical Forum this Friday May 17 at 10am EST (sorry for the unusual time, I'm leaving town later that day!), and will remain on display (and for discussion!) for two weeks - then to be stored in our Tactical Library for future reference.

This amazing article is now on display here
How Ultramarines Fight Blood Angels
by: Grey Griffin


Veteran Sergeant Sid

April 2002


Friday April 19th Ex Libris Mortis is hosting our first Guest Speaker in our Blood Angels Tactics Board

Our guest speaker is a veteran Imperial Guard player who will be describing the tactics which Imperial Guard players use successfully against Blood Angels. The benefits of such a lecture are obvious, and we are hopeful that many of our battle brothers will be able to see the lecture and participate in the discussion of possible counter tactics which will continue for the next few days!

The Guest Speaker's Lecture is now on display here
How the Imperial Guard Fights Blood Angels
by: Raqeeb Bekr

New pics of a veteran mini 
Sanguinary High Priest Bekr 

Special Report 
~ an overview of a challenging assault ~ 

Blood Angels Assault Fortified Bridge 
April 12, 2002 

Added some flames and smoke to 
one of my tac guys armed with a flamer... 
it's not perfect, but it's not bad, I like the overall effect :-) 

We have a GuestBook!

April 6, 2001 Ex Libris Mortis gets a complete revamp 
adding a navigation bar down the left side of the screen! 
Can you believe there are 260 pages of html within this site? YIKES! 
So while I was at it I added a Guestbook, feel free to sign it if youfeel so inspired! 

Sign the Ex Libris Mortis Guestbook

April is "heavy support month" over at
Krak Grenade's 40K Community so I 
decided to take a new pic of my dreadnought :-) 

In the last weekend of March we began advertising our new Blood Angels message forum, 
(so April will be it's first full month) the response has already been amazing, and we believe it will only get better as more Blood Angels players learn of the new feature!

March 2002

My newest Sanguinary High Priest - with jumppack and twin lightning claws (whoohoo!). 
click the pics for much larger images (each is big, but under 100k). 

Tac Squad 4 Blood Angel with bolter, 
and a souvenier from the Eldar! 

Tac Squad 1 Blood Angel with bolter 
just a fun mini that has seen many battles :-) 

A really fun mini of mine, you can almost hear him talking smack :-) 

click the image to see a larger image 

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While recovering from a week of the flu I came up with the wild notion that 
I could add some fancy artwork to one of my LandRaiders (I blame the medicine entirely!), but 
in the end it turned out to be some of my best painting to date! Have a peek! 

click the image to see the display 

Many of you have seen the photo of our 40K room
well that was from summer of 2001. We still have that room going, 
but we've also expanded into the garage!
the insanity has to be seen to be believed... 

click the image below for a virtual tour, 
it took six photos to pan around the room.... 

Just for fun, closeups of a few of our Blood Angels 

February 2002

making a Great Unclean One - it's not pretty!

A new photo of my entire Blood Angel army!

The entire army February 2002 

The first baby steps of a Nurgle Army!

warning - nasty chaos models!
An early peek at a Nurgle warbanner!

warning - nasty chaos model!
An early peek at a Nurgle Rhino!

New fun with scenery -
flames & explosions!

click here to find out more!

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40K Artwork
sometimes images can evoke feelings - have a peek at these...

a group of Blood Angels arrive under flame lit night skies

suddenly a Blood Angel was there...

a Blood Angel shouts praises to the Emperor after a glorious victory

Lord Dante 
~ Chapter Master of the Blood Angels~
new pics online of Lord Dante, and other HQ units!

click this image to proceed to the Blood Angels HQ display!

January 2002

The Sanguinius Standard

come see one of the most detailed minis in my collection, and the banner I painted! 
a photo display, and a "how to" section! 

Death Company Powerfists

I'd never actually modeled up any of my DC with powerfists before (I'd also never taken powerfists in my Death Company! Well they were long overdue, so I tried to make them fun :-)

The great backfist (front view)

The great backfist 
(side view)

The lightning on the power fists is done almost the same way as all of my power weapons - light blue first - then white lightning crackles - then coat of blue ink and (here's the different part) I went over some of the lightning again in white - then whammo you have a shiny power fist with lightning crackles on it :-) 

The super shiny armor effect is compliments of this really neat stuff I found (a trick from airplane modelers) go to your local grocery store and check the floorwax section (trust me!) some of those floor "waxes" are not wax at all but rather pure acrylic glosscoat!The are water thin, go on well, and leave a nice shiny (and tough ptotective) glosscoat! :-) 

For more Hobby Tips 
come visit our
Hobby Tips Page!

Landraider Crusader gets dozer blades

On too many occassions I have seen a good assault go bad when a Landraider fails a difficult terrain test. I therefore resolved to do something about it! This month I've added permanent dozerblades to the front of my Landraider Crusader, and yes the doors still open completely with the blades in place :-) I may revamp them someday to make them look a tad more wicked, but for now they have a highly functional, somewhat aggressive appearance that suits me just fine :-)


Yes - the doors open just fine! It's a close fit to be sure - but they truly function perfectly :-) 

Nasty CityFight Terrain

So we're setting up terrain for a CityFight scenario, and the idea hits us to combine our trench terrain with our buildings and rubble to create the ultimate nightmare of a city which has had house to house fighting for months - a true urban combat nightmare. We ran out of time to begin the game though (company had to leave unexpectedly) but sometime soon we will have a battle using this insane terrain combination!

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Edward's Blood Angels
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