"Hello Kitty"©
Sisters of Battle

Inspired by the ever cute Sanrio character "Hello Kitty" ©, Katherine wanted to bring a little color (and a bit of snappy fashion!) into the male dominated (and admitedly gothic themed) gaming world of Warhammer 40K! Katherine's devotion to painting her gaming miniatures in constant tribute to Hello Kitty has stirred much interest in the gaming community - and there are growing hopes among many gamers that where one girl blazes a pink trail into the gaming world - others may follow! :-) 
Well that's the hope anyway :-)

I'll begin with the photo that got so many people excited on the GW 40K forum - a photo of Katherine's HK Dreadnought!

click image for a closer view - if you dare! :-)


The new HK Exorcist, and HK Immolator.

Special Announcement!

Katherine has completed her OWN site just for the 
Hello Kitty © Sisters of Battle! We have some pics here (see below)
but click this link here to go to Katherine's actual Sisters of Battle Site!

Hello Kitty Sisters of Battle

A few photos of Katherine's
Hello Kitty©Sisters of Battle!

 The fearsome "Hello Kitty Sisters of Battle", notice how the rhinos sparkle (they have glitter), and on the back of the rhino to the left - there is a bumper sticker which reads "We (don't sign) brake for heretics".

 Here the Sisters battle Tyranids 
(the red rhinos are on loan from the Blood Angels).

  Here the Sisters advance towards a Chaos army 
through an industrial complex. 
(and yes, another borrowed Blood Angels Rhino - the Sister's two Rhinos were deployed with other squads on this day)



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